Why Kindergarten?

Girl looks out of blue boxLearning for Life
Learning occurs naturally at kindergarten. Children learn through interactions with others in meaningful ways, helping them make sense of their world. Children have the freedom to be imaginative, creative and practice skills.  Children learn to be part of a group and be socially competent.   Kindergarten programmes are based on the New Zealand bicultural Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whâriki.

Excellent Indoor Resources 
Our kindergartens are well resourced to provide tools and props for children and teachers.  A typical kindergarten has everything from paintbrushes to digital cameras, books to laptops, drums to iPads, and magnifying glasses to
digital blue microscopes.  Your child is well provided for at kindergarten.

Exciting Outdoor Environments  
We value the outdoors as an important learning space for children.  Each kindergarten provides a range of experiences such as sandpits, swings, slides, water-play, gardening, carpentry and more.  Children are
challenged and supported in their discoveries.

Transition to School 
Children and their families are supported in their decision making about school. The experiences children gain at kindergarten such as working in a group, working alone, asking for help, making decisions are all contributing factors to build confidence as they move to school.

Community Focused
Our kindergartens are intentionally situated throughout the suburbs of Wanganui and the surrounding districts. This allows families to access kindergarten in their own neighbourhood and build friendships and links with other families and the nearby schools.  Children are given opportunities to connect with the wider community through outings, walks and visits from a range of people in the community.

100% Qualified Teachers
Children deserve nothing less than 100% qualified teachers! 
At Your Kindergarten this is our benchmark for quality. We have a high level of professional accountability with teachers being registered through the New Zealand Teachers Council and complying to the 'Professional Standards for Kindergarten Teachers.' 
Your Kindergarten supports the GreatStart 100% campaign which was established for Government to recognise the benefits of quality early childhood education.

Great Value for Money  
Attending Your Kindergarten is very affordable. All our kindergartens offer up to 20 hours free early childhood education for your child and our fees are very competitive.

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