Your Playgroups

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Playgroups are held at Wanganui East, Castlecliff, St Johns Hill and Maxwell

Playgroups are designed to

  • Enable parents to become involved and increase participation in early childhood education
  • Provide quality education programmes in accordance with guidelines set by the Ministry of Education
  • Provide parents with sustainable networking opportunities over time.

This is a great way for new parents in particular to meet regularly with other new parents, to bounce ideas off each other, share stories and provide each other with valuable support during the early stages of parenthood.

Playgroups are designed for parents with babies and toddlers who want to be hands-on with their children’s early childhood education. They are a great way for parents to meet new people, to learn from each other in regards to how to interact with their children. They are also a fantastic way to help your child learn the necessary skills to socialise and negotiate with other children their own age and stage in life.

We'd love to see you at one of our playgroups. If you're interested, or you know someone who might be, please contact us for further information and check out the Playgroups page on this website.

Posted on 16/06/2016 by Karen